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Surviving: Finding Peace and Enjoying Life (2001) [CD]
Slips and Relapses (2001) [CD]
Sex and Spirituality (2001) [CD]
Saying Goodbye: Closing the Door on the Past (2001) [CD]
Pride, Ego, and Humility (2001) [CD]
Powerlessness and Unmanageability (2001) [CD]
Maintaining Conscious Contact (2001) [CD]
How to be Wrong with Grace (2001) [CD]
Honesty, Inventory, and Disclosure (2001) [CD]
Higher Power and Spirituality (2001) [CD]
Freedom through Making Amends (2001) [CD]
Freedom from Fantasy, Obsession, and Intrigue (2001) [MP3]
Freedom from Fantasy, Obsession, and Intrigue (2001) [CD]
Practical Guide to Making an Inventory (2001) [CD]