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Sobriety Sam A., Deb W., Roger R. [CD]
Jenny and Bob: Tradition 10 (2000) [CD]
Shiela G. (1996) [CD]
Celebration Meeting: Steve M. (Founder) & Beth C. (1992) [CD]
Philadelphia Co-SLAA/SLAA Stories - Saturday (1990) [Double CD]
Philadelphia Co-SLAA/SLAA Stories - Friday (1990) [CD]
Three SLAA Stories (1992) [CD]
Founders Talk: "Sobriety, A New Way of Life" (1987) [CD]
Five S.L.A.A. Stories (1994) [Double CD]
ABM Speaker Meeting: Alice G. & James D. (1996) [CD]
Diane G. and Barb L. (1996) [CD]
Judy S. and Rob K. (1996) [CD]
Bob F. & Jenn K. (1996) [CD]
Four S.L.A.A. Stories (1997) [CD]
Three S.L.A.A. Stories (1998) [CD]
Tradition 8 Speakers and Discussion Meeting (1998) [CD]