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Audio Selections    Audio Selections

10% Discount on any 3 Single CD Selections (Does Not Apply to MP3s, Double CDs or CD Sets)
Discount taken at checkout.

Look for the BEST SELLER tag on popular items!

Audio Basic Text

The Audio S.L.A.A. Basic Text is a great way to keep recovery with you. This set can be purchased in its entirety or in individual chapters. CD Format

The Basic Text in MP3 Format is not available at this time due to unauthorized distributions of files on the Internet.
Recovery Audio

The recordings available here contain powerful experience, strength and hope from members speaking at S.L.A.A. Conventions and Annual Business Meetings around the world as well as recorded Tele-Meeting Series on various topics. The opinions expressed are those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent S.L.A.A. as a whole.

Because these recordings are created semi-professionally, some selections may contain irregular audio quality, occasional background noise, or fluctuating volume. We provide these selections despite the audio issues because of the excellent recovery content they contain.
Audio Issues of the Journal

The Journal is S.L.A.A.'s meeting in print. Each issue contains personal stories of recovery, writings on important recovery topics, poetry and humor, as well as Fellowship announcements and event listings.

Each audio issue of the Journal is read by an S.L.A.A. member and represents a print issue released as part of a subscription to the Journal. To subscribe, visit the Journal Subscription page.

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