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    John O. - Discovering our Bottom Lines (2005) [Double CD]

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      John O. - Discovering our Bottom Lines (2005) [Double CD]


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      John O. introduces two speakers who share their stories, experiences relating to struggles admitting powerlessness, discovering bottom lines, and how they''ve changed over time.

      Joe talks about the challenges associated with identifying and setting bottom lines - the need to identify a pattern and to admit powerlessness. He also describes the importance of sponsorship in this whole process. He discusses gray areas and red flags, and the consequences of these. He maintains that Step 1 is particularly important, as is the need to have clear and measurable bottom lines.

      Nicole talks about how her bottom lines have changed over time. She discusses how formulation of specific, concrete, behavioral bottom lines with a sponsor has helped her. Sponsorship also has been very important in staying honest and not rationalizing behaviors. Bottom lines have evolved over time and have less to do with absolute powerlessness, and more about positive growth.

      John O. then leads a workshop that includes written exercises and discussion. This comprises the remainder of the CD. The workshop ends with a great musical rendition of "Hit Your Own Bottom, Not Mine."