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    3 Couple Panel - Relationships (2005) [CD]

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      3 Couple Panel - Relationships (2005) [CD]


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      Three couples share their experience, strength, and hope in recovery.

      Ken, sober from his bottom line 12+ years and in a committed relationship, talks about a past filled with anonymous sex, as a gay man. He describes how to learn in recovery and how to really have a "heart connection" with someone. Ken shares that it is important to work on friendships, develop a relationship with oneself, and he describes how to communicate and keep balance.

      Will speaks as a partner of a sex and love addict (Ken). He and Ken have a healthy dialogue and trust, and he talks about how recovery has made this possible.

      Fern and Roslyn take turns talking about their relationship with each other. They talk about how Twelve-Step recovery has made their relationship healthy and successful, and attending meetings together regularly helps maintain a strong bond. They began with a solid friendship, with shared spiritual and social interests, and built their relationship on this strong foundation. Lots of wonderful sharing about healthy communication, roles in the relationship and in the home, as well as commitment.

      Linda, l2 years in recovery for sex and love addiction, shares how she first identified the four things that were important for her in recovery: to feel Safe, Serene, Sane, and Centered. She took a one-year abstinence from men and began to get to know herself. Eventually, she began a friendship with one "safe" man. Her ability to take care of herself and to be grounded and spiritual has led to a successful marriage.

      Alan, who is married to Linda, talks about getting to know her as a person in recovery before becoming partners. He discusses that for him to develop intimacy within a healthy relationship, it is required to have a healthy relationship with himself and a Higher Power first. He also talks about the 12 characteristics of a healthy relationship and, as a couple, to act as a team and work to make their relationship work.