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    Sponsorship TeleSeries (2011-12) [MP3]

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      SKU: AU12D-SPON01
      Sponsorship TeleSeries (2011-12) [MP3]


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      MP3 format, contains 11 files, packaged as a ZIP file.

      This TeleSeries contains the following selections:
      1. "Sponsoring the Anorectic Sponsee"    14.7 minutes
      2. "Giving Direction without giving Advice"    18.3 minutes
      3. "Sponsoring those in Multiple Programs"    18.5 minutes
      4. "Promoting Sponsorship on the local Group Level"    15.5 minutes
      5. "Boundaries in Sponsorship"    12.6 minutes
      6. "Sponsoring those of different Faiths"    10.2 minutes
      7. "Sponsoring the Cross-Addicted Sponsee"    15.7 minutes
      8. "Best Sponsorship Formats for Step Use"    27.5 minutes
      9. "Recovery Partners while waiting for a Sponsor"    21.0 minutes
      10. "Long distance Sponsorship"    17.0 minutes
      11. "Sponsor Self-care"    20.1 minutes  This selection is available for free below!

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