Complete Audio Basic Text [CD]

Complete Audio Basic Text [CD]

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Product Description

With approximately 1,000 minutes of both male and female readers, the Basic Text in CD format is great to listen to when on the road, at home, or traveling.

Conference-approved by S.L.A.A., this audio book provides insight into the problem of sex and love addiction, information on working the 12 steps of S.L.A.A., the history of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, personal stories from members of the program and much more.

Contains 16 CDs in a protective case with no identifying text on the cover.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Discovery of the Illness of Sex and Love Addiction: A Personal History 2 CDs
Chapter 2: The Beginning of Recovery and of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Chapter 3: Living with a Sex and Love Addict
Chapter 4: The Twelve Step Program; a Path to Sexual and Emotional Sobriety 2 CDs
Chapter 5: The Withdrawal Experience
Chapter 6: Finding and Starting to Work with Other Sex and Love Addicts
Chapter 7: Starting an S.L.A.A. Group
Chapter 8: Building Partnerships
Personal Stories: 6 CDs