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    Four S.L.A.A. Stories (1997) [CD]

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      Four S.L.A.A. Stories (1997) [CD]


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      Sam talks about living up to other peoples' expectations and how he turned to sexual acting out to deal with feelings of inadequacy. Through development of spirituality, working the Steps and using the tools of the program he has gained strength to achieve sobriety.

      Jennifer interprets the 7th Tradition and how it relates to staying close to Higher Power, self-responsibility, and how her disease made her stop dealing with financial responsibility and how she depended on men to take care of her.

      Patrick talks about his experience doing service as the Journal Editor and how that has helped him return to creativity through his recovery from voyeurism.

      Mary shares her recovery from a sexually, emotionally and physically abusive childhood and marriage. Expresses her gratitude to S.L.A.A. and the ability to do service which helps to keep her sober.