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    Service (2001) [Double CD]

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      Service (2001) [Double CD]


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      [DOUBLE CD] Dave talks about how service has broadened his horizons and increased the number of people he can talk to about sex and love addiction. He shares how he has a deeper relationship with his Higher Power and other people, and a deeper sense of self-esteem through the work he performs.

      Alison shares her experiences in doing service. She believes that service is one of the most underrated tools of recovery and believes doing service has given her herself.

      Wayne discusses how he has grown immensely from helping other people through service. He shares that Higher Power will take care of the outcome if we take care of the process. Service lets us own the program. He does service to stay sober and he stays sober to do service.

      Andrew talks about how service is vital for him, because it keeps him connected with people in the program, and allows him to see appropriate behavior modeled. He also tells of his experience of how service gives him the opportunity to face his fears and allows him a second chance to heal.