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    Kim and Dianne S. - Growing Together in Recovery (2014) [MP3]

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      Kim and Dianne S. - Growing Together in Recovery (2014) [MP3]


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      ***Special Copyright Notice*** These S.L.A.A. audio recordings are ©2014, The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A., Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
      Proceeds from the sale of audio recordings support Fellowship-Wide Services in continuing to provide service to the Fellowship. Please do not copy or distribute these recordings for use by others.

      Kim and Dianne last spoke in 2003 on the topic of Marriage in Recovery and we were honored to have them back to speak again at the 2014 Annual Business Meeting. Kim and Dianne share how their addictions to sex and love, drugs, and alcohol developed from childhood through to adulthood, and how their relationship has matured over the years into the partnership they have today. They now have a child and they share how that has changed their lives and brought them even closer as a couple.

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