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Journal Subscriptions Journal Subscriptions
Experience the Journal, S.L.A.A.'s Meeting in Print! the Journal is a bimonthly publication prepared by members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. This valuable recovery tool offers personal stories, writings on important recovery topics, poetry and humor, as well as Fellowship announcements and event listings. Writings are submitted by members and others interested in sex and love addiction.

Issues of the Journal are mailed to you in a sealed envelope displaying only the "mail to" information and our return address.

Item Name: Price: Qty: In Basket:
Journal Subscription US/Canada - 1 Year $24.00
Journal Subscription US/Canada - 2 Years $40.00
Journal Subscription International - 1 Year $33.00
Journal Subscription International - 2 Years $60.00

Important Delivery Information

  • It takes a minimum of 8-10 weeks for a subscription to begin.
  • The FWS office has no control over late submissions of the Journal to the office for printing and distribution. Every effort is made to do within 2-3 weeks of receipt.

  • More on the Journal

    The concept of the Journal was approved by the Conference at an Annual Business Meeting held several years ago. The contents of any issue of the Journal are Non-Conference Approved literature. In the spirit of our Fourth Tradition, each group is free to choose to include the Journal, or not in the format of meetings.

    Did you know that the post office will not forward the Journal to your new address if you move? Instead, they will destroy future issues of the Journal without notifying you or us. So before you move, be sure to send your new address along with your old address to:

    the Journal
    1550 NE Loop 410, Suite 118
    San Antonio, TX 78209 USA

    Writers Needed - the Journal is looking for S.L.A.A. members to write a story or article. It can be based on your personal experience of addiction and recovery, the Steps, the Traditions, or any S.L.A.A.- related subject of interest.

    There is no compensation for contributed materials, nor can contributed matter be returned. Submission constitutes full permission to edit and publish anonymously.

    Please send your articles to:

    the Journal
    1550 NE Loop 410, Suite 118
    San Antonio, TX 78209 USA
    or email them to http://www.slaafws.org/contact/jeditor.

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