Audio Basic Text

The Audio S.L.A.A. Basic Text is a great way to keep recovery with you. This set can be purchased in its entirety or in individual chapters. CD Format

MP3 Format is not available at this time due to unauthorized distributions of files on the Internet.

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Complete Audio Basic Text [CD]
Basic Text Chapter 1: Discovery of the Illness [Double CD]
Basic Text Chapter 2: Beginning of Recovery [CD]
Basic Text Chapter 3: Living with a Sex and Love Addict [CD]
Basic Text Chapter 4: The Twelve Step Program [Double CD]
Basic Text Chapter 5: The Withdrawal Experience [CD]
Basic Text Chapter 6: Finding and Working with Other Sex Addicts [CD]
Basic Text Chapter 7: Starting an S.L.A.A. Group [CD]
Basic Text Chapter 8: Building Partnerships [CD]
Basic Text: Personal Stories of Addiction [6 CDs]