MP3 Audio Issues of the Journal

The Journal is S.L.A.A.'s meeting in print. Each issue contains personal stories of recovery, writings on important recovery topics, poetry and humor, as well as Fellowship announcements and event listings.

Each audio issue of the Journal is read by an S.L.A.A. member and represents a print issue released as part of a subscription to the Journal. To learn more and to subscribe to the Print Journal, visit the Journal page.

Stories, interviews, personal testimony, and other content contained herein are authored by members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. The opinions expressed in the Journal are not necessarily the opinions of The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A., Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc., F.W.S. office, Annual Business Conference or any other Conference committee including the Conference Journal Committee or the Journal production staff. Motions adopted at the 1989, 1990, and 1991 Conferences chartered the Journal, but it is impractical for all of the content of a periodical such as the Journal to be Conference-approved. Each recovery group can determine its own position on the use of content from the Journal at its meetings.

In submitting such content to S.L.A.A, the member releases S.L.A.A., any other members of S.L.A.A. and S.L.A.A.'s officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, the "Releasees") from any and all claims which the member may have against any of the Releasees in connection with the member's submission of content to the Journal.

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the Journal: Issue #146 - After Sober Dating [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #145 - Addiction in the Age of Technology [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #144 - Sex and Love Addiction: What Is Real? [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #143 - How do Newcomers Become Old-Timers? [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #142 - Safety in Meetings [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #140 - Cross Addictions [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #139 - Working With Character Defects [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #137 - Sex and Love Addiction in Today's Society [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #136 - Recognizing Red Flags [MP3]
the Journal: Audio Issue #138 - Family Issues [MP3]