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    [PDF Booklet] The Gift of No Contact

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      [PDF Booklet] The Gift of No Contact


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      22 pages in length. When we begin our journey in the S.L.A.A. program, we hear many terms that are unfamiliar. People in meetings speak of "qualifiers", "top lines", "bottom lines", "triggers". We don't understand these terms, but when we hear the phrase "no contact", we suspect we know what it means, and we are often frightened to consider it. After all, if we were able to refrain from contact with the people with whom we have painful, destructive relationships, we wouldn't need this program! This booklet will explain the concept of "no contact" and why it is so valuable by answering the following questions: The Gift of "No Contact" ● What is the definition of "no contact" and who is involved? ● How do I initiate and maintain "no contact"? ● How do I overcome my strong resistance and objections? ● How do I enforce "no contact" and stay accountable? ● How will I benefit from "no contact"?

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