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    BO-004 S.L.A.A. Basic Text - Anonymous Cover Paperback$17.55
    BO-006 NEW A State of Grace: Daily Meditations - Softcover Edition$12.95
    WBK-001 NEW The Step Questions Workbook$9.95
    BKT-006 NEW The Gift of No Contact$4.00
    JAU-185 NEW the Journal: Audio Issue #185 - Dealing With Fear in Recovery [MP3]$2.50
    BKT-001 Triggers as a Resource$4.00
    BKT-002 Anorexia 1-2-3: Working the Program and Not the Problem$4.00
    BKT-003 NEW A Guide to the Steps: Companion to Chapter Four of the Basic Text$4.00
    BKT-004 NEW Anorexia Recovery Tools$4.00
    BKT-005 NEW Anorexia 4-5-6-7: Working the Program and Not the Problem$4.00
    NCP-001 Newcomer's Packet$4.40
    PAM-001 An Introduction to SLAA$1.25
    PAM-002 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis$1.25
    PAM-003 Suggestions for Newcomers$1.25
    PAM-004 Questions Beginners Ask$1.25
    PAM-005 Sponsorship: A Return from Isolation$1.25
    PAM-006 Addiction and Recovery$1.25
    PAM-007 Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional$1.25
    PAM-008 Withdrawal Gateway to Freedom, Hope, and Joy$1.25
    PAM-009 Welcome Pamphlet$1.25
    PAM-010 Pocket Toolkit$1.25
    PAM-012 Twelve Recommended Guidelines for Dealing with Media$0.25
    PAM-013 Supporting SLAA the 60/40 Way$0.25
    PAM-014 For the Professional: Information About S.L.A.A.$0.25
    PAM-015 Addicted to Sex? Addicted to Love?$0.25
    PAM-016 Renewal of Sobriety$1.25
    PAM-017 Setting Bottom Lines$1.25
    PAM-018 Romantic Obsession$1.25
    PAM-019 Measuring Progress$1.25
    PAM-020 NEW Healthy Relationships: Romantic and Committed Partnership$1.25
    PAM-021 NEW Is It Really Necessary?$0.25
    PL-008 Welcome Chip$1.00
    PL-001 1-Day Chip$1.00
    PL-002 1-Week Chip$1.00
    PL-003 1-Month Chip$1.00
    PL-004 2-Month Chip$1.00
    PL-005 3-Month Chip$1.00
    PL-006 6-Month Chip$1.00
    PL-007 9-Month Chip$1.00
    PL-100 Step One Chip$1.00
    PL-200 Step Two Chip$1.00
    PL-300 Step Three Chip$1.00
    PL-400 Step Four Chip$1.00
    PL-500 Step Five Chip$1.00
    PL-600 Step Six Chip$1.00
    PL-700 Step Seven Chip$1.00
    PL-800 Step Eight Chip$1.00
    PL-900 Step Nine Chip$1.00
    PL-1000 Step Ten Chip$1.00
    PL-1100 Step Eleven Chip$1.00
    PL-1200 Step Twelve Chip$1.00
    BR-121 Blank Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-001 1-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-118 NEW 18-Month Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-002 2-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-003 3-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-004 4-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-005 5-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-006 6-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-007 7-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-008 8-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-009 9-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-010 10-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-011 11-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-012 12-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-013 13-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-014 14-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-015 15-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-016 16-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-017 17-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-018 18-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-019 19-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-020 20-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-021 21-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-022 22-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-023 23-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-024 24-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-025 25-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-026 26-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-027 27-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-028 28-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-029 29-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    BR-030 30-Year Bronze Medallion$5.50
    JS-IN1 Journal Print Subscription International - 1 Year$35.00
    JS-IN2 Journal Print Subscription International - 2 Years$60.00
    JS-US1 Journal Print Subscription US/Canada - 1 Year$24.00
    JS-US2 Journal Print Subscription US/Canada - 2 Years$40.00
    JOUR003-01 Anorexia Focus Booklet$6.00
    JOUR003-05M NEW the Journal Audio: Anorexia Focus [MP3]$2.50
    JOUR003-02 Withdrawal Focus Booklet$6.00
    JOUR003-03 Healthy Relationships Focus Booklet$6.00
    JOUR003-04 Twelve Steps Focus Booklet$6.00
    JOUR003-05 Anorexia Focus Booklet (1999-2016)$6.00
    JOUR003-06 Step 6 Focus Booklet$6.00
    JOUR003-07 NEW Sober Dating Focus Booklet$6.00
    JOUR003-08 NEW Step 7 Focus Booklet$6.00
    JAU-184 NEW the Journal: Audio Issue #184 - Living Alone to Moving In [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-183 NEW the Journal: Audio Issue #183 - Extreme Self Care [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-182 NEW the Journal: Audio Issue #182 - Thank You AA [MP3]$2.50
    JOUR003-06M NEW the Journal Audio: Step 6 Focus [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-146 the Journal: Audio Issue #146 - After Sober Dating [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-145 the Journal: Audio Issue #145 - Addiction in the Age of Technology [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-144 the Journal: Audio Issue #144 - Sex and Love Addiction: What Is Real? [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-143 the Journal: Audio Issue #143 - How do Newcomers Become Old-Timers? [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-142 the Journal: Audio Issue #142 - Safety in Meetings [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-140 the Journal: Audio Issue #140 - Cross Addictions [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-139 the Journal: Audio Issue #139 - Working With Character Defects [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-138 the Journal: Audio Issue #138 - Family Issues [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-137 the Journal: Audio Issue #137 - Sex and Love Addiction in Today's Society [MP3]$2.50
    JAU-136 the Journal: Audio Issue #136 - Recognizing Red Flags [MP3]$2.50
    SP-CH-004 FREE Adictos al Sexo y al Amor... (capitulo 4)$0.00
    SP-CH-005 FREE El Sindrome de Abstinencia (capitulo 5)$0.00
    PAMSP-001 FREE Introduccion a Adictos al Sexo y al Amor Anonimos$0.00
    PAMSP-002 FREE 40 Preguntas Para el Autodiagnostico$0.00
    PAMSP-003 FREE Recomendaciones para los Nuevos Miembros$0.00
    PAMSP-004 FREE Que Preguntan los Recien Llegados?$0.00
    PAMSP-005 FREE El Apadrinamiento el Fin de la Soledad$0.00
    PAMSP-006 FREE La Adiccion y la Recuperacion$0.00
    PAMSP-007 FREE La Anorexia: Sexual, Social, y Emocional$0.00
    PAMSP-008 FREE El Sindrome de Abstinencia$0.00
    PAMSP-009 FREE Bienvenido$0.00
    BC001-010 S.L.A.A. Outreach Cards 10 Pack$2.00
    BC001-025 S.L.A.A. Outreach Cards 25 Pack$4.00
    BC001-100 S.L.A.A. Outreach Cards 100 Pack$12.00
    BC001-500 S.L.A.A. Outreach Cards 500 Pack$50.00
    BM-001 Bookmark for S.L.A.A. Basic Text$1.95
    ST-001-S Group Literature Start-up Pack$36.00
    ST-003-B Anorexia Group Starter Kit - with Instant Download$17.00
    AUB-001 Complete Audio Basic Text [CD]$43.95
    AUB-001C Basic Text Chapter 1: Discovery of the Illness [Double CD]$9.35
    AUB-002 Basic Text Chapter 2: Beginning of Recovery [CD]$6.60
    AUB-003 Basic Text Chapter 3: Living with a Sex and Love Addict [CD]$6.60
    AUB-004 Basic Text Chapter 4: The Twelve Step Program [Double CD]$9.35
    AUB-005 Basic Text Chapter 5: The Withdrawal Experience [CD]$6.60
    AUB-006C Basic Text Chapter 6: Finding and Working with Other Sex Addicts [CD]$6.60
    AUB-007 Basic Text Chapter 7: Starting an S.L.A.A. Group [CD]$6.60
    AUB-008 Basic Text Chapter 8: Building Partnerships [CD]$6.60
    AUB-006 Basic Text: Personal Stories of Addiction [6 CDs]$28.00
    AUSP19-001 NEW ABC/M 2019 Speaker Meeting - Austin H. and Rita H. (2019) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP13-001 Intl. ABM 2013 - Monique/Sue (2013) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP12-001 Intl. ABM 2012 - Jim B/Jonathan K (2012) [CD]$6.60
    AU12-SPON01 Sponsorship TeleSeries (2011-12) [3 Pack CD]$11.35
    AU11-HR01 CHRC - Skills for Healthy Loving (2011) [Double CD]$9.35
    AUSP11-001 Intl. ABM 2011 - Carmen B. (2011) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP10-001 Intl. ABM 2010 - Lou and Christine L. (2010) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-CD7 Complete Set - 2008 Intl. Recovery Convention [7 CDs]$28.00
    AU08-007 Closing Ceremony - Rita H., Roger R., Richard C. (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-006 The Magical Beauty of S.L.A.A.'s Twelfth Step - Douglas D. (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-005 Keynote Speaker - Ava M. (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-004 Steps - Scott M. (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-003 Recovery from Anorexia as a Spiritual Tapestry - Douglas D. (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-002 Coupleship: The Glue that Binds - Stan and Cheryl Lynn (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU08-001 An Unshakeable Foundation for Life - Scott W. (2008) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-CD8 2006 Convention [8 Pack - CD]$27.50
    AU06-008 Keynote Speaker - Rob K. (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-007 Building Intimacy - Darryl M. (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-006 Fellowship is Service - Karen R. (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-005 Couples Panel (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-004 Using Meditation - Dee G. (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-003 Bottom Lines - Chris D. (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-002 Disclosure (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU06-001 Keynote Speaker - Melinda (2006) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-AU21 2005 Convention [21 Pack CD]$66.00
    AU05-021 Allison S. - 20 Years in Service (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-020 3 Couple Panel - Relationships (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-019 Christopher D. - Initial Recovery, Withdrawal... (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-018 Ken A. - Relapse and Recovery (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-017 Thomas C. - Recovery from Internet Addiction (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-016 Seth C. - Disclosure and Amends with Partners and Children (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-015 Robin P. - 6th & 7th Steps (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-014 Pauline L. - Dating: Age 50 and Over (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-013 Panel - Men Using the Program to Further Intimacy (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-012 Dale W. & Jocelyn R. - Masturbation and Society (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-010 John O. - Discovering our Bottom Lines (2005) [Double CD]$9.35
    AU05-009 Panel - Diversity: Carrying the S.L.A.A. Message (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-008 Scott M. - Anorexia: Unlocking the Cage (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-007 Panel - Women and the Impact of Pornography (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-006 Andrea D. and Tina R. - Cross Addiction: Sex, Love, and Food (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-005 Gerry J. - Avoiding Passing Addiction to Children (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-004 Danielle P. - Healthy Dating (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-003 Renny D. - Step 12 and Recovery Saved My Life (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-002 Kim V. - 12-Step Tools for Healthy Dating (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AU05-001 Bill G. - Taking the Steps of Recovery (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP05-002 Mark, Closing Speaker (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP05-001 Katharina V., Keynote Speaker (2005) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-012 Special Interest Meetings and Carrying the Message (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-011 Tradition 1: Judith, James (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-010 Ken D. - Finding and Working with Other Sex Addicts (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-009 Jack S. and Cristina C. - Higher Power's Design (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-008 Kim and Dianne S. - A Marriage Made in Recovery (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-007 Ken D. - Sobriety: The Path to Inner Peace (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-006 Danielle P. - Building Healthy Relationships (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-005 Rob K. and Bob F. - An Easier, Softer Way (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-004 Stan & Cheryl D. - First & Second Stage Coupleship (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-002 Linda M. - H.P. of my Understanding (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP03-001 Paul B. - God's Gallery of Fine Art (2003) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-017 Withdrawal (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-016 What is Cheating (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-015 Traditions: The Little Used Pathways (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-014 Taking the Leap of Faith (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-013 Surviving: Finding Peace and Enjoying Life (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-012 Slips and Relapses (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-011 Sex and Spirituality (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-010 Saying Goodbye: Closing the Door on the Past (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-009 Pride, Ego, and Humility (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-008 Powerlessness and Unmanageability (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-007 Maintaining Conscious Contact (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-006 How to be Wrong with Grace (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-005 Honesty, Inventory, and Disclosure (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-004 Higher Power and Spirituality (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-003 Freedom through Making Amends (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-002 Freedom from Fantasy, Obsession, and Intrigue (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AU01-001 Practical Guide to Making an Inventory (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-017 Trinket (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-016 Robert O. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-015 Mike D. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-014 Megan MC. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-013 Marcella M. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-010 Glenn L. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-009 Dee A. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-006 Banquet with Jenny R.W. (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-005 Spirituality (2001) [Double CD]$9.35
    AUSP01-004 Service (2001) [Double CD]$9.35
    AUSP01-003 Steps (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-002 Sponsorship (2001) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP01-001 Sobriety Sam A., Deb W., Roger R. [CD]$6.60
    AUSP00-001 Jenny and Bob: Tradition 10 (2000) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-002 ABM Recovery Stories (1999) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-003 Tradition 8 Speakers and Discussion Meeting (1998) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-004 Three S.L.A.A. Stories (1998) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-006 Four S.L.A.A. Stories (1997) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-008 Bob F. & Jenn K. (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-009 Judy S. and Rob K. (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-010 Diane G. and Barb L. (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-011 ABM Speaker Meeting: Alice G. & James D. (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-027 Working in Faith Rather than Fear (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-025 Trust and Faith in the Recovery Process (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-024 To Masturbate or Not to Masturbate (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-023 Talking to a Power Greater than Ourselves (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-022 Staying Sober at Any Length (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-021 Spirituality in Recovery (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-020 Sexuality in Relationships (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-019 Sexual Abstinence (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-018 Not Letting Fear Run Your Life (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-017 Long Term Sobriety in Recovery (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-016 Living My Potential (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-015 Letting Go of Relationships vs. Running Away (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-014 Humor (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-013 Healthy Sexuality (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-012 Friendship and Romance in Recovery (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-011 Freedom from Fantasy and Obsession (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-010 Feelings: Face it, Trace it, Erase it (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-009 Difficulties Believing in God or a Power Greater than Ourselves (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-008 Defining and Maintaining Committed Relationships (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-007 Defining Bottom Lines - Love Issues (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-006 Dealing with Shame Around Sexuality (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-005 Cybersex and Other Pornography Addictions (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-004 Control: Taking it, Giving it, and Keeping it (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-003 Communication: Key to a Terrific Relationship (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AU96-002 The Challenges of Fun and Dating in Recovery (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-021 Shiela G. (1996) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-012 Five S.L.A.A. Stories (1994) [Double CD]$9.35
    AU93-020 Willingness to Change (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-019 Steps 8 and 9 (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-017 Slips and Sabotaging - Courage to Continue Recovery (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-016 Sexual Anorexia: Recognizing and Finding Tools (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-015 Rigorous Honesty (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-014 Relationship Addiction (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-013 Learning Self-Love and Moving Toward Healthy Ego (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-012 Intimacy vs. Intensity (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-011 Healthy Sexuality and Doing Relationships (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-010 Healing our Shame and Guilt (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-005 Facing Fear (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-004 Emotional Sobriety (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-003 Dealing With Anger (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-002 Co-Dependency and Love Addiction (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU93-001 Anorexia (1993) [CD]$6.60
    AU92-001 Masturbation/Medication (1992) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-020 Celebration Meeting: Steve M. (Founder) & Beth C. (1992) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-014 Three SLAA Stories (1992) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-013 Founders Talk: "Sobriety, A New Way of Life" (1987) [CD]$6.60
    AUSP-016 Philadelphia Co-SLAA/SLAA Stories - Saturday (1990) [Double CD]$9.35
    AUSP-015 Philadelphia Co-SLAA/SLAA Stories - Friday (1990) [CD]$6.60
    AU12D-SPON01 Sponsorship TeleSeries (2011-12) [MP3]$7.00
    AU12D-SPON01-M11 Sponsorship TeleSeries (2011-12) Part 11 - Sponsor Self-Care [MP3]$0.00
    AUSP19-001M ABC/M 2019 Speaker Meeting - Austin H. and Rita H. (2019) [MP3]$2.75
    AUSP14-001M Kim and Dianne S. - Growing Together in Recovery (2014) [MP3]$2.75
    AU05-019M Christopher D. - Initial Recovery, Withdrawal... (2005) [MP3]$2.75
    AU05-008M Scott M. - Anorexia: Unlocking the Cage (2005) [MP3]$2.75
    AU01-002M Freedom from Fantasy, Obsession, and Intrigue (2001) [MP3]$2.75
    AU96-015M Letting Go of Relationships vs. Running Away (1996) [MP3]$2.75
    AU96-007M Defining Bottom Lines - Love Issues (1996) [MP3]$2.75
    AU93-014M Relationship Addiction (1993) [MP3]$2.75
    AU93-012M Intimacy vs. Intensity (1993) [MP3]$2.75
    AU93-002M Co-Dependency and Love Addiction (1993) [MP3]$2.75
    BDL-001 NEW Newcomer Bundle$29.99
    PAM-002D NEW 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-001D NEW An Introduction to SLAA [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-003D NEW Suggestions for Newcomers [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-004D NEW Questions Beginners Ask [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-005D NEW Sponsorship: A Return from Isolation [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-006D NEW Addiction and Recovery [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-007D NEW Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-008D NEW Withdrawal Gateway to Freedom, Hope, and Joy [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-009D NEW Welcome Pamphlet [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-010D NEW Pocket Toolkit [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-016D NEW Renewal of Sobriety [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-017D NEW Setting Bottom Lines [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-018D NEW Romantic Obsession [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-019D NEW Measuring Progress [PDF]$0.99
    PAM-020D NEW Healthy Relationships: Romantic and Committed Partnership [PDF]$0.99